Holistic Massage Therapy

Holistic comes from the greek word “holos” meaning whole, this relaxing and balancing treatment works on the physical, mental & emotional body. A graceful sequence of flowing & stimulating movements designed to detoxify the body and improve circulation. It helps to relieve muscular aches and pains and mental tension and fatigue. If you prefer a softer more relaxing treatment then Holistic Massage is for you.

30 min £25 / 1 hr £40

Sports Massage

Sports Massage concentrates on specific areas to give a more intense treatment. It eases pain and tension in the muscles and promotes healing and recovery.

It also helps to highlight postural imbalances, relaxing tight muscles. Advice is given on rehabilitation exercises and stretches to help specific injuries or to achieve fitness goals. Sports Massage also helps to prepare the body for exercise so it’s an ideal pre event treatment to physically and mentally prepare the body and mind and post event it helps to aid recovery.

If you like a deeper more targeted treatment then sports massage is for you.

30 min £25 / 1 hr £40


First practised by the ancient Egyptians, this treatment is a highly effective holistic method of healing. Gentle pressure is applied to particular areas of the feet relating to specific parts of the body. Reflexology can help to relieve a whole host of ailments including stress relief, digestive complaints, back pain, fertility problems or just a way for you to step off the world for some peace and quiet.

1 hr £38


Hands on Japanese healing treatment which is very relaxing and promotes physical, emotional and mental wellbeing. Reiki also speeds the healing process and balances the body’s energy flow. Reiki works on all aspects of the person, healing not just the physical body but the mental, emotional and spiritual bodies too.

1 hr £35

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